Gaining Confidence & Clarity in Your Career: 5 Ways a Career Coach can Help you Step Into Your Greatness

About 95% of the time when someone asks me “So what do you do?” and I respond with “I’m a Career Coach”, the next questions I’m typically asked is, “How did you get into that?”, “So what do you like actually, really do?”  The best question I’ve ever gotten was “So did you get a degree in Career Coaching?

Let’s start here! I’m a Career Coach, which is kind of like a coach… but for your career ??. To break this down, can I ask you a question? Which industry are coaches the most well-known? Sports(duh)!  

So think of me as the Phil Jackson to your MJ  (sidenote: if you weren’t a Chicago Bulls fan in the 90s, I’m sorry to hear that).

Working with a Career Coach will help you make strides much quicker in your career than you’ve been able to alone. If you’re feeling stuck, complacent, uninspired or straight up discouraged about your career, a Coach will help you uncover the barriers holding you back, ways to overcome them and take action to get you to a place of happiness, fulfillment and empowerment in your career.

We spend over ⅓ of our lives AT LEAST (50% for some) WORKING (whew)! We owe it to ourselves and our mental health to do work that we genuinely enjoy every day. I will die on a hill with that last statement – we should NEVER have to settle in our pursuit of happiness!   Due to the significant amount of time you spend at work, the negative energy from your unhappiness may start to trickle into other areas of your personal life that you weren’t anticipating would be affected.

Here are 5 benefits of coaching and how it can help you tap into the next version of yourself.  

1. Your Career Coach will bring an objective and unbiased perspective.

Have you ever tried having a conversation with someone about your feelings of unhappiness or dissatisfaction with your job and their response is “Girl, you got it good there!” or, “That’s a good job, I would be happy working there if I was you!” They feel you have it better than them and how dare you complain about your situation? This commonly happens with family members as well. My grandma once told me “Baby, don’t leave that good job, they got benefits too? You’ll be fine, just wait it out.”

A Career Coach will not inflict their fear onto you.  We will help you get clear on where the dissatisfaction is coming from and determine whether you really want to make it work at your current job, or if you’ve been holding on by a thread for years and it’s finally time to let it go.

2. Your Career Coach will make you think deeper about how you want to show up and contribute to the world through your work.

The very first thing that I do with my coaching clients, is help them get clear on their career goals on a more intentional and thoughtful level.  Figuring out what you want to do in your career is hard, deep work. It takes effort. It takes unlearning what you thought you wanted out of your life.  It takes mindfulness and giving your future some sedulous thought.

Having dedicated time with your Coach to ask the hard questions about not what you want to do, but who you want to be, what you want to be known for, what problems you’re passionate about solving or who you’re passionate about helping. A common method I practice with my clients is visualization, which I ask them to paint a picture (mentally) of what they want life to look like for them in 5 or 10 years.

Coaching conversations aren’t always easy, however your Career Coach will be able to stretch you mentally and push your limits harder than you may be able to alone. Your coach will challenge you to dream bigger, activating a newfound level of motivation and clarity that you haven’t felt before.

3. Your Career Coach will help you realize that you’re not alone – your feelings of uncertainty  are natural and if used appropriately, can fuel you to take the action to get your career back on track. 

Through coaching conversations, I’ve been able to help my clients understand that their work situation is not the best fit for them, and their current job is not the end all be all.

Have you convinced yourself that things will change at work after you’ve been promised a promotion every year for the past 3 years, only to get overlooked yet again and still expected to stay and deal? I’ve seen this situation play out many, many times similarly for clients. “Work harder and you’ll get it next year”, they will tell you.

When you’re a downright good and loyal person that truly cares about your job – it can turn into an emotionally unstable relationship with your employer if you’re trying to “stick it out”. You may start convincing yourself that it’s a good situation when deep down, you know it’s not.

It takes sharing your situation with someone else to realize that you’re destined for more and don’t deserve to be at a place where you aren’t motivated to be your best. And to first accept that and to know it’s OK (maybe it’s not what you thought it would be after the years of college and a whole degree  later). IT IS OKAY.

Your Career Coach will push you to think about how you can grow from it and move on to something better.  I often ask my clients, “If your work environment isn’t going to change, what can you do within your power to change your situation?”

4. A Career Coach will help you gain clarity on what you want out of your career and ultimately, your life.

Knowing what you don’t want actually gets you closer to what it is that you do want. Questions that I typically ask my clients are What do you want out of your next opportunity? How that is aligned to your future you?

A Coach will help you uncover the barriers in your career that is holding you back from moving forward in your career and deciphering if it’s self-inflicted or based on external factors. Once you identify those barriers, a Coach will help you think through how to address those barriers. It may take having some tough conversations with your boss or coworkers.  

Knowing what you want ( not just salary-wise), being able to take a step back and analyze your career desires holistically, allows you to prioritize your needs so that you’ll easily be able to identify new opportunities.

  1. Your Career Coach will help you increase your confidence in what you bring to the table professionally.

I help my clients  fully step in and own their power. Confidence is everything in your job search. If you aren’t confident in your own abilities, how can you convince an employer to be confident in hiring you? The job search process is already discouraging as is, and we often talk ourselves out of opportunities that we feel we don’t deserve or are unqualified for, despite what our resume says.  Recruiters and hiring managers can sniff out insecurity in a second.

To build confidence, I ask all of my coaching clients to create a brag sheet so that they can see their accomplishments on paper.  This allows them to clearly articulate their value to themselves to build that inner voice first, and then to others.

Your Career Coach will motivate, empower and encourage you to take ownership of your career. You are the driver. You’re already great as is and you don’t need anyone to validate what you’re purposed to do in this world. A Career Coach will help you step into that greatness and start making some real changes to get everything in this life that you deserve. You owe it to yourself.

Until next time, stay FLY!

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